Turner Pocock

Turner Pocock
Discover the designers behind the new collaborative collection.

Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock are the co-founders of Interior Design firm, Turner Pocock, and have designed a new capsule collection, Turner Pocock for Julian Chichester. We sat down with them to find out how they kick off a project, and the fine art of balancing ‘work horse’ with ‘wow’ pieces.

What does good design mean to you?

Good design does not have to shout or immediately attract attention. In fact, we believe it is often found in the meticulous concern one gives to the smallest of details, be that the clever concealing of the unsightly wires modern technology brings with it, or the perfect placement of a side table for your drink on your return home from work. It is all about creating the ideal environment for those who inhabit it.

What do you think makes a good interior designer?

Good interior designers are good listeners. We are the interpreters of dreams and sometimes detectives of the details. The beginning of any project with Turner Pocock is about finding out about how our clients really live and then ensuring the space we design embraces that lifestyle and those habits and seems to do so effortlessly. A good interior designer is aware of the huge responsibility they have. This is not an opportunity to indulge all your favourite schemes but an opportunity to bring a sense of calm, a perfect retreat, or the ultimate entertaining space for those particular people. We try to always be authentic, to meet, and hopefully surpass our clients’ needs and to balance the aesthetically pleasing with the practical. We want our designs to spark the perfect combination of joy and contentment.

What are the most important features when designing a space?

We believe it is essential to start with an honest assessment of the function of a space. We then move on to considering how to create interest in the room. It is all about maintaining balance and having the perfect blend of “work horse pieces” and “wow pieces”. Interest is also generated through layering; texture, pattern and scale all play their part and give a design longevity and enduring appeal.

What is the one thing every home should have?

A sense of comfort and joy for those who live there……..oh and a Turner Pocock for Julian Chichester dining table and dining chairs for wonderful, long, loud, lovely dinners with friends and family!

There are so many fabulous suppliers out there, combining them, knowing what to use from where and in what project is a hard task! What is about Julian Chichester that draws you in?

Julian possesses that irresistible combination of a love and appreciation of the old and antique, combined with a passion for progress and innovation. He is not afraid to fuse the two and create modern collector’s items. One can guarantee that any piece Julian has designed will reveal remarkable attention to detail, his work is the antithesis of the fast fix that modern life has presented us with for all our needs. He finds true artisans and uses age old techniques in the most forward-thinking ways. Can you tell we think he is fabulous!

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