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Who’s who?
All references to “we”, “us” and “our” in this document shall be deemed to references to Julian Chichester Designs Limited. Any reference to “The Company” shall be referring to Julian Chichester Designs Limited. Singular shall be taken to also mean plural and vice versa. The website www.julianchichester.com is the property of Julian Chichester Designs Limited. The contents and copyright are held by The Company. Any reproduction of images and contents without the prior consent of the Company is forbidden. While we make every endeavour to ensure the content of the website is correct and accurate we do not warrant this fact.

Orders of goods should be made in writing. If orders are taken over the phone we cannot be responsible for errors which may occur. Orders are subject to deposit or satisfactory credit as described elsewhere in the terms and conditions.

Where no credit terms exists, orders require receipt of a deposit to confirm them. The deposit will be detailed on a pro forma and should be paid within 14 days of the order being placed. After this time we reserve the right to cancel the order without notice. Full payment must be received prior to the goods being despatched. We will tell you when the goods are ready and our delivery date will be dependent on cleared funds. Payment is always in Sterling and we accept bank transfer, credit or debit card or cheque payments. Cheque payments do take 10 working days to be presented to the bank and become irredeemable, we will not release goods until after this time where this method of payment is chosen. Where credit terms exist the terms of the agreement must be adhered to. Failure to adhere to the terms set out may lead to a suspension of the credit account without notice. We reserve the right to charge interest of late balances at 5% above the lending rate of The Natwest Bank PLC, varying from time to time. Where payment is being made from foreign banks or where the transaction incurs fees please ensure that the funds received in Sterling are sufficient to cover the cost of the goods, after exchange rate movement and bank charges. The title of the goods does not pass and they remain the property of the Company until all monies owing have been paid.

The prices quoted are in sterling and are excluding VAT at the relevant rate unless otherwise stated. The Company reserves the right to change prices at any time and without prior notice. Where goods have been ordered and the price of the goods are increased between the point of order and the point of despatch the customer will have the right to cancel and receive a full refund. Invoices include value added tax at the appropriate rate. Where goods are being sent out of the EU, and we are not supplying the delivery service, we will require proof of export before any vat can be returned. In these cases the invoices will be raised including vat and we will require full payment of the invoice before we release the goods for shipment. Where goods are being sold to a vat registered client in an EU state, we require a valid VAT number before we can release goods without the payment of VAT. If we are not organising the export of the goods we will also require proof of export to exempt the sale from UK VAT.

If you are unfortunate enough to receive product which is damaged or incorrect in any way we will do our very best to repair, replace or refund the product. In some circumstances a replacement or repair will not be appropriate and we reserve the right to collect the faulty goods and give a full refund without offering a replacement or repair. In order to assist us in providing an excellent service and to avoid ambiguous situations we ask that all damage, or short deliveries be reported within 48 hours of receiving delivery. After this time, we cannot be held responsible for any product found to be damaged or missing. Where we are requested to deliver to a warehouse or other holding location it will be the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the goods are fully checked in line with our notice period above. We will not be liable for damage discovered more than 48 hours after we have delivered of the goods. Where it is agreed that product should be repaired, we will work with the customer to affect a quick and efficient repair of the product. Due to the nature of the product and often specialist finishes, we cannot always give accurate timescales for the completion of a repair. We require skilled craftspeople to complete repairs to the appropriate standard. We will do our utmost to procure these services as quickly as possible but sometimes such services are not readily available. If we consider the time to repair unreasonable, we reserve the right to collect the product and supply a full refund. Where goods are returned through no fault of our own, we are happy to accept undamaged, boxed product for refund. We ask that clients return unwanted product within 10 working days of receiving it. We will not accept a return of product more than 10 working days following delivery. We do charge a fee on the return of undamaged boxed product to cover the cost of checking the product and entering back into stock. This fee is a set amount based on each product individually. We also require that the product is returned to our warehouse1. We will be able to process a credit and refund 2 working days following the receipt of the goods in the warehouse. Our contractual relationship is with the purchaser of the goods (our client). Any dealings in relation to the return, repair, replacement or refund of a product, or any customer relations, will be conducted with our customer. Where our client is an interior designer and the goods have been purchased to sell on to a third party, we will have no contractual relationship with the third party. As such all after sales care will be conducted with our client and not any third parties with whom we have no contractual relationship.

Product description
We make every effort to ensure the product description is correct and accurate in all publications. However, our products are often made of natural materials, none of which are identical. Often each piece is subtly different from the next in shade, colour and / or texture. This is particularly true of products that contain natural materials. The products photographed in our marketing are representative of the item but may not be an identical match to another piece due to the variations in materials as noted above. Customers concerned about the matching of products should contact our sales staff who will be able to talk in detail about the individual products they are interest in.

As we revisit and improve our designs our Product Dimensions are subject to change. We endeavour to keep our website and marketing as up-to-date as possible, but please contact our Sales Team if you have any concern about a product’s dimensions.

Custom items
When ordering a bespoke piece of furniture the client agree to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the value of the item. Only once this has been received as cleared funds can we start to manufacture the item. Should an order be cancelled within 10 working days from the date the deposit is received no further amounts will be payable. Should an order be cancelled after 10 working days then the balance of the order will remain payable by the client. We cannot accept the return of custom items for reason other than damage or not matching the agreed description. When ordering a custom item, we will provide an estimate of the time to delivery. We do not guarantee this estimate as many factors can affect the time it takes to manufacture and transport the furniture. We accept no responsibility for delays in the manufacture of a custom item. All Lead times stated on proforma’s for custom pieces start from receipt of finally CAD drawing & custom finish sample approval. This approval must be writing. It is the responsibility of the client to check the CAD drawings provided Julian Chichester for approval. Julian Chichester is not responsible for any discrepancies when the goods are delivered unless faulty.

Delivery and Storage

Delivery to UK Mainland

  • White Glove delivery service which includes the unpacking of goods, placing them in situ (excluding wall hanging and fixing) and the removal of rubbish, to UK mainland ground floor is subject to a minimal freight charge which is calculated at 5.8% of the net value of your order (min £60  + VAT to max  £620 + VAT).
  • Drop Off delivery services (residential and warehouse) are subject to a minimum drop of charge which is calculated at 2.8% of the net value of your order (min £50 + Vat to a Max £420)
  • The unwrapping and installing of a product is only available at the point of delivery. You are required to complete a delivery form at the point of order and return this to the relevant sales representative.
  • Any additional floors, flights of stairs or extra manpower is charged at an additional rate.
    Specific delivery dates and time slots are available upon request but are charged at an additional rate.
  • Once you have confirmed you can receive delivery, please allow 7-10 working days. The designated Freight Forwarder will contact you directly to book in a date and time and provide a traditional White Glove service.

Additional Information

Where goods are requested not to be unpacked and installed, at the point of delivery, we have no further obligation to do this at a later date. Where goods are received packaged, we strongly advise that the goods are unpacked and inspected within 48 hours so that we can respond to any issues arising. After this time, we will not accept responsibility for damage or any issues with the goods delivered (please refer to the “returns” section). Where the products are required to be taken to another floor, or access to the property or to the rooms is compromised or difficult in any way we request that clients disclose this information at the time of organising the delivery. An additional charge will be made where we are required to deliver to a floor other than the ground floor or where access is limited. Some of the vehicles we use for delivery are large and so, for example, if a double decker bus not be able to park within 50 meters of the property we would need to be informed. Where space or access is limited, we can organise for a site visit to determine whether we will be able to deliver the product. A small chare is made for this service but it reduces the chance of disappointment at the time of delivery of the product. We are happy for clients to organise their own delivery. In these cases, we can delivery to a stock holding location in the UK or a client may organise collection from our warehouse in Bordon, Hampshire. We do not offer a collection service from any of our showrooms, the only exceptions are small accessories. Where clients do choose to organise delivery, we do not offer any discount to the product price. When goods are collected by clients or third-party carriers, we require that the goods are inspected at the point of collection. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to the product once it has been collected from us. When a product is available for delivery, we will inform the client and agree a delivery / collection time. Where goods are not required immediately we will be happy to store them for the client for a period of 30 days from the date they first became available for delivery. Where the goods are custom items this will be from the date, we inform the client they are available for delivery. After this we reserve the right to charge storage at the rate of £25 plus vat per week per item for items under 1m cubed when packaged and £50 a week for items in excess of this size. After 6 months we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the item (less storage charges). Where the items are custom no refund will be given in line with our terms on cancellation of custom orders.

Excusable delays
Force Majeure: civil war, insurrection or riots, fires, floods, explosions, earthquakes or serious accidents, epidemics or the quarantine restrictions, all acts of government or any other civil or military authorities, regulations or orders affecting materials, facilities or equipment necessary for completion of the product, strikes, labour problems causing the shutdown, slowdown or interruption of work. Delays caused by late shipments due to weather, port congestion or overcrowding of vessels do occur. We do not accept liability for delays which are wholly outside our control.

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