Jo Aynsley

Design Director
Jeffreys Interiors
Discover what good design means to this Edinburgh designer.

For FOCUS/23 the Edinburgh-based Jeffreys Interiors will be designing our Chelsea Harbour window, combining their signature style with our unique designs. In anticipation of this, we sat down with Design Director Jo Aynsley and discovered the importance of listening when designing!

What does good design mean to you?

I think it’s paramount that the client is placed at the centre of the whole process. Specifically, for residential design, schemes should be built around pieces the homeowner loves or that hold a special memory for them. It’s so much more than making a space look like a show home, there should be a balance between beauty and comfort; luxury, and function. Translating the distillate of the client’s needs and personality through colour, scale and texture is key to a well-designed home.

What do you think makes a good interior designer?

Good designers put their own preferences (and egos!) aside and create a beautiful home for the personalities that occupy it. I look for studious listeners, as well as those with voracious appetites for sourcing the perfect items to create unique and varied schemes. At Jeffreys Interiors, we ensure a lot of care is taken to interpret our client’s vision and ideals, it’s a fundamental part of the design process for us to get to know our client early on. Relationship building makes the journey far more enjoyable for everyone involved, which is precisely what the process should be.

What are the most important features when designing a space?

The most carefully curated room can fall completely flat without the right lighting. There’s a reason Lighting Designer is a standalone job title, outside of the umbrella of Interior Designer and there’s a lot to be gained from working alongside these specialists – what is colour and texture without light? Space planning is also key and it’s one of the first and most fundamental conversations we have with our clients. Failure to capture this valuable information early on compromises the whole finished product. Flow and functionality are our foundations.

What is the one thing every home should have?

A disco ball!

There are so many fabulous suppliers out there, combining them, knowing what to use from where and in what project is a hard task! What is about Julian Chichester that draws you in?

When I think of Julian Chichester, I immediately think of the teal vellum finish, I just knew it would inform a really striking room design. We love mixing details and changing sizes and finishes to best suit the client, Julian Chichester understand and fulfil this need effortlessly. I also love shapes and form, so many curves! Add in some brass details for an additional layer of luxury and you’re left with a perfectly finessed product that fits seamlessly into your designs.

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