IMAP Policy

The intention of this Internet Minimum Advertising Policy (IMAP) is to maintain the long-term value of Julian Chichester brand.

  1. This policy only covers Julian Chichester products that are on the then-current price list.  The IMAP policy does not apply to discontinued, closeouts, damaged or products sold through the Chichester Attic section. For a current price list, please contact either your sales representative at the respective companies or
  2. Julian Chichester reserves the right to change this Policy or IMAP at its sole discretion.  No employee at either Julian Chichester is authorised to make any exceptions or changes to this IMAP.  All other terms and conditions remain in effect.
  3. The Julian Chichester established IMAP is 100% of our Recommended Retail Price. A copy of which is available upon request.
  4. Customer’s website cannot infer, through either graphics or language, that a retail customer may call for a better, lower or discounted price in order to avoid Julian Chichester IMAP policy.  Customer’s website cannot show the Suggested Retail Price or IMAP price with a slash through it that infers a lower or discounted price.
  5. Customers may only advertise prices for products that they have purchased from the manufacturer.  Customers are allowed to use product images and/or a link to manufacturer’s website on their website with permission.
  6. In the event a customer violates this IMAP policy, Julian Chichester may withdraw all rights from the customer to sell, display or list Julian Chichester products on the internet.